Monday, January 2, 2012

making baby food

Well friends, it's January. Happy new year to you! I started off the week by buying a calendar to make me feel less crazy. Having calendars and making lists makes me feel less crazy..does that make me crazy?

So I told you I would fill you in on my baby food making endeavor. I started a couple of weeks ago (I really should have been doing it this whole time) because the baby only has 2 teeth and is still eating baby food. I found myself going to Target to re-fill my supply like, every two days so I got fed up and decided to try making it to save money. It's easy!! Here are a few recipes I concocted and tried out.

Sweet Pea-Pear
Cook one bag of frozen peas (organic, if you wish) in the micro-wave. Add them to a food processor with one peeled, cut-up pear. Blend and freeze in ice cube trays!

Add one can of pumpkin puree and two single-servings of apple sauce to a blender or food processor. Blend and freeze.

Cook one bag of frozen blueberries in a saucepan over medium heat until soft. Add them to a food processor with one or two mashed up bananas. Blend and freeze.

I also made sweet potatoes and brown rice cereal but I didn't add anything fancy. For the potatoes, I just cooked them in the microwave and then chopped them up and blended them, adding water until they were the correct consistency. Asher loves his new baby food! I bought some white beans and black beans for protein, but he can eat them whole and Owen loves them, too. I considered buying a baby and toddler cookbook because Owen won't eat anything lately, but I think I'll try to be creative first. I did see a recipe on pinterest for sweet potato pancakes that I thought I could make and freeze for snacks. They'd love that!

Today we relaxed in the backyard, enjoying the warmth that is January in Southern California. 

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