Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remember Thanksgiving?

Alright, alright. First thing's first! Let's not forget about Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. As you already know, I love fall and Thanksgiving is about as fall as it gets! Since my husband and I both have family in town, and they each host Thanksgiving dinner, there is no hosting in my near future (which is kind of a dream/ nightmare of mine). So instead we started a "Thanksgiving breakfast" tradition with our dear friends who are in town for the holiday. The busy-ness of this time of year is just so fun.

Yesterday I remembered my poor pumpkins and moved them all around the house. I've been helping plan our Christmas dessert at Revive and it's got me all confused. It's not Christmas. It's Thanksgiving. It's not Christmas. It's Thanksgiving.

This is my awkward half-wall in between the kitchen and living room that I pretend is a mantle. All of our junk was congregating there so I bought that file thing you see at the back. I also have some turquoise shelves that I want to add to the mix. I'm afraid to hang them for fear of waking up sleeping children.

What do you think of the backwards books? I kind of like it!

I stole some pomegranates from a neighbors' tree. Aren't they pretty? Okay, I didn't steal them, they said we can take whatever we want :)

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