Thursday, February 4, 2010


Currently I am reading through the book of Genesis. I'm on around chapter 40, so when Annie decided to teach through it for the Women's Bible study, I was so excited! I have really loved re-reading all of these "Sunday School" stories and realizing that they are REAL :)

Anyway, this morning we went through chapters 2-3 and I was so blessed. The part that got me was when God created Eve as a helper for Adam. The word that is used for "helper" in that passage is actually the same word that describes God as a helper to the Israelites! Whenever you're feeling small, wives, think about that! Lately God has been showing me what my role is--in my life, my marriage.

It's not diminishing to be a helper.

Sometimes my role of staying so that my husband can go feels extremely un-helpful and often leaves me feeling lonely, left out and forgotten. It's important for me to remember that Jesus is my fulfillment, not my husband; and that my job isn't meaningless. Far be it from me to hold my husband back or get in the way of the work that God has for him to do by being too needy.

I was truly spoken to this morning. Annie is such an amazing teacher! (click here to listen to her messages: )

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Megan said...

hello! thanks for sharing your heart jessi! from time to time i check to see if you've added anything new :) be are doing a great job!